Rab là ai ?

Rab is not a Study Abroad Center

RAB Academy (a branch of RAB Consulting) is an Education Partner specializing in providing prestigious international courses and experiences for learners of many ages. Unlike many overseas study service companies - which often focus on providing international students to overseas schools, RAB Academy focuses on bringing quality international programs into Vietnam for easy access to Vietnamese. .

From a cooperative perspective, RAB provides international partners with insights and insight into Vietnam's education market: RAB's goal is Right At the Beginning: get it right from the start. No wasted effort and time. RAB Academy was founded by Ms. Dieu Tran and Mr. Nguyen Lam, who have experience in many fields, especially education. Previously, Ms. Dieu Tran trained in Finland and Germany, while Mr. Nguyen Lam completed postgraduate programs in Australia. RAB Academy also receives sponsorship from a number of entrepreneurs and educational professionals from the United States, Northern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Nguyen Lam
Director of RAB Academy

Master of International Development, University of Melbourne - Australia. Former graduate student in Education Management, RMIT. 15 years of experience in the field of Education, Higher Education, Education NGO.

Ms. Dieu Tran
Founder of RAB Consulting

Master of Economic Studies in Federal Republic of Germany. Finnish University Alumni. Regional Representation of American Universities in Vietnam. Sales & Marketing Manager in the information technology sector.

Mr. Antti Isovita
Senior Advisor (Europe)

40 years of teaching experience in Marketing & Business Strategy Consulting. Author of over 60 books on Marketing. 17 years as the Director of International Business Programs of Universities in Finland

Mr. Denny Dang
Senior advisor (USA)

Viet Kieu, Senior Advisor of American Universities. 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions of a large corporation in the US (Precision Castparts, Weyerhaeuser). Have a great deal of passion for the Higher Education of Vietnam.

The RAB's mission


Mission 01

Provide international educational products that are innovative and accessible to learners in Vietnam, including: students, students, experts. RAB believes that there are many learning opportunities with a variety of learning methods that Vietnamese can explore, helping their life and career.

Mission 02

Reshape the overseas services market by focusing on the academic side of choice when advising students. It also encourages and empowers students and families to independently (and independently) verify information, prepare records, and perform related procedures.

Mission 03

For International Partners: Provides a thorough understanding of the education market, including: academic, marketing & enrollment, organizational structure & human resources, code of conduct, law issues of interests and non-interests of Vietnamese educational institutions. The motto "Do it right from the beginning" saves time and effort.

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