Certified Training: “Best Practices of Finnish Education System”


RAB Academy partners with Finnish education organizations to offer a teacher training program: “Best Practices of Finnish Education System“. The training package is suitable for secondary teachers and school administrators.

  • The trainers are Finnish Top Educators, providing a certified training program about the best practices of the world famous Finnish Education system
  • The training program is CERTIFIED BY EDUCATION TAMPERE, which brings together the best education services of Finland.

The training package consists of 2 modules: (each can be bought separately)

  • 1-month long online training, with live teachers
  • 1-week long visiting schools in Finland & having workshops with Finnish teachers


  • Teachers
  • School administrators
  • Education specialists


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  • Online Learning Course: any time during the year
  • Study-tour in Finland:  from September to May




You will gain in-depth knowledge about:
– Planning Courses, Lectures and Assessment
– Choosing a suitable Pedagogical Method
– Motivation
– Positive Pedagogy and Well-being
– Teamwork and Co-operation
– Special Education and Student’s Support
– Peer Mediation
– Dealing with School Refusal and School Drop-out

The online-course will include:  Lessons with Live teachers and Group discussions; Video lectures; Written study material; Learning tasks;  Making a portfolio

After completing the training the participants will be awarded the Education certificate from the City of Tampere


The second part of the training takes place in Finland, focusing on 4 different areas:

– Workshops with Finnish teachers
– School visits – experience the Finnish teaching methods in practice
– Introduction lessons of the Finnish education practices
– Taking care of teachers’ health, coping & motivation

After completing the study tour the participants will be awarded the Education certificate from the City of Tampere



Saija Artama

Saija Artama is a professional on teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry and STEM-course. She is a member of a management board and a chairman of the welfare group of her school. She is also a member of a group, that planned and executed a STEM-project that was nominated to one of the top five STEM-projects in Finland in 2020 in national StarT-competition. She is a consulting STEM-teacher of Kangasala region.

Kati Vitikainen

Kati Vitikainen is one the of the most educated Health education teachers in Finland with specialisation studies in Health Promotion. Her passion is to help students to develop their welfare skills further. She is a member of the welfare group of her school and guides the school´s peer supporters. Kati has participated in health education curriculum preparation of Tampere region. She also works as an educator in the field of media education.

Tuire Aakkula

Tuire Aakkula has over 20 years of experience in teaching languages and managing international relations. She has studied ten languages and lived in eight different countries. She is a part of the global education team in her school and she also co-created the Global Education Plan in her city. In her daily work as a teacher she emphasizes learning as an interactive process.

Minna Karttunen

Minna Karttunen is highly appreciated in teaching history and social studies. She has also experience of being a student counsellor and teaching religion. She has examined especially montessori pedagogy and has special skills in project based learning and co-operating with teachers worldwide. Minna Karttunen is a part of the global education team in her school and has many years experience of organizing international projects (Erasmus-exchange) with different countries and schools.

Piia Tynkkynen

Piia Tynkkynen is highly experienced special education teacher. She has worked in many demanding positions in different schools. At the moment she is working in one of the highly valued schools in the city of Tampere. She takes care of children with learning disabilities, mental health issues and school refusal. Piia has been member in many development teams. Her recent team created the school absence intervention program for City of Kangasala. At the moment she is in the team that creates consultative work methods for special educators in the city of Tampere.

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