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The Fast Track program is designed and enrolled in 2021, to help international students as well as Finnish Universities (and other European countries, now with France) overcome the barriers of The Covid-19 pandemic. The program also forms the basis for future international enrollment innovations for Finnish Universities. Accordingly, the main goals of the program are:

-Reducing the entrance exams, thereby minimizing the pressure of preparation and exams for students
– Students whose English level is not too excellent will have the opportunity to improve their English in a short time
– Aiming at a diverse student / student audience, following the philosophy of Finnish education: all students / students have equal learning opportunities.

Vietnamese students at a partner school of the Fast Track program





  • Target 1: A 12th grade student who will graduate from high school in 2021
  • Subject 2: Students graduating from grade 12, students of intermediate schools, colleges and universities (with high school diploma)
  • Entry requirements: English equivalent to IETLS 5.0 (Please contact us for English test instructions)


  • One-time payment for students: Total 71,500,000 VND



apply for


Fast Track



31/01/2021 15/02 – 21/05/2021 09/2021
30/04/2021 17/05 – 20/08/2021 01/2022
31/08/2021 13/09 – 17/12/2021 09/2022


List of industries (updated continuously)

Economics & Administration

• Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
• BHM in International Tourism Management
• BMT in Maritime Management / Sea Captain
• BHC in Nursing
• And many other disciplines


• Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Engineering
• Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications
• Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy
• Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
• Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Automation Engineering
• Bachelor of Natural Resources in Smart Organic Farming
• BBA in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fast Track subject list

Economics & Administration

• Orientation to Academic Studies, 2cr
• Academic Communication: English Reading and Writing, 5cr
• Academic Communication: English Speaking and Listening, 5cr
• Preparatory Mathematics, 5cr
• Business Mathematics, 5cr
• Introduction to Economics, 5cr
• Intercultural Communication, 3cr


• Orientation to Academic Studies, 2cr
• Preparatory Mathematics, 5cr
• Academic Communication: Reading and Writing, 5cr
• Academic Communication: Speaking and Listening, 5cr
• Physics for Engineering, 3cr
• Introduction to Computer Science, 3cr
• Mathematics for Engineering, 6cr
• Climate Action – Solutions for Carbon Neutral Transport, 2cr

Fast Track Steps

  • Step 1: Students choose their major, and the School wants to apply, in the list of RAB Academy partner schools
  • Step 2: Students make an application to the Fast Track program.
    • a. Study program in the form of Online & Synchronous
    • b. Lasted for 3 consecutive months
    • c. Study 10-12 subjects depending on the subject, taught by European instructors
    • d. Students are awarded credit for each subject, credit is valid in Finland and many European countries. 50-70% of the credit will be converted to the official study program in Finlandstudents save 1/3 of the tuition fees of 1 academic year.
  • Bước 3: Students complete the Fast Track program after 3 months
  • Bước 4: If you complete Step 3, you are guaranteed admission to the school of your choice in Step 1. Students receive a Letter of Admission.
  • Bước 5: Apply for a visa, residence permit and go to Europe to continue the program

Learn Online

Students can study at home with computers and a stable internet connection. Finland’s online system is a system with integrated AI, students have a full range of learning support tools, can log into a variety of learning materials, are required to do continuous homework, interactively interact pole with faculty and classmates. Students need6 hours / week to study directly via Internet with lecturers and approximately 36 hours / week for homework and discussion.

Students will be equipped with the following knowledge at the end of the course:

    • English: listening, speaking, reading, writing
    • Mathematics (Economics / Engineering)
    • Academic skills: critical thinking, essay writing, digital skills
    • Skills and techniques for success in a University setting
    • Basic concepts of business and economics
    • Intercultural communication skills
    • Computer science & programming
    • Basic understanding of Physics in engineering

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