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Soon, programming will become the most important skill in the career market. Most future jobs will need this skill. The Programming Course for Young People (8-16 years old) is taught by Finnish Teachers with extensive experience in Programming and Education. Students learn in English (no need for advanced English, just basic communication). Learning in English will create good opportunities for students to prepare for good jobs in an international working environment or study abroad.

We use the well known teaching method of Finnish education, the bottom line is that no students are left behind, all will be equipped with the same knowledge after leaving the classroom. Finland has a long history of Information Technology & Programming, Robotics. Finland is one of the first countries to bring these modules into compulsory education, right from the primary school.

There will be 5 levels of study. The provided knowledge includes: controlling computer via algorithm, Writing code, Web programming, Building website, Building functions for applications, Building games through Unity game engine. Students receive certificates after each course, a certificate issued by the largest Coding school in Finland today.


Ages 8 to 16. Communicate in English (RAB will conduct brief interviews to assess English proficiency). Sign up at LINK.



There are 5 Levels. Each Level 15 lessons.

  • Promotion in January 2021: 9,750,000 VND / Level
  • Register 2 Levels at the same time: 8% Discount on Tuition



Open class time: Monthly

Duration: 1 hour / 1 lesson

Typical timetable: 19:15 – 20:15 Vietnam time





Get familiar with the algorithm and start coding. In this course, students will learn the basic principles of programming and game design in a visual environment. Learn to control computers with algorithms. Right in the second class, students will learn how to design games. Students will learn the basics of coding. Class lasts 15 hours.


Web design + data processing. Learn how to design web with HTML5 and CSS. How to process data in Python. Let’s build together examples to demonstrate the processing of data (calculator, games). This course covers 15 lessons.


With JavaScript students can build functionalities for games and apps. Students learn how to build websites, apps and run them on their phones! Get started with JavaScript and continue with the mobile app on App Lab. Get familiar with the P5 JavaScript library. This course lasts 15 hours.


Unity is a game engine widely used for many games running on Android and iOS phones or in game consoles (Play station, X-box). Students learn how to build 2D & 3D games, C # -programming. This is the course for those who want to build games. Don’t miss this 15-hour course!


In the Black belt course, together we build special programming projects, applying the knowledge of the previous 4 courses. This is a course that helps students “deepen” programming skills and continue to pursue the path of becoming a professional coder. If you have completed the last 4 courses, do not skip this 15 hour course.

Strengths of the program

Good and enthusiastic teachers

The main teacher of the Coding program is Ms. Suvi Syrjäläinen. Suvi is a Master and Engineer in Information Technology. She has over 21 years working in the software industry, 16 years working as an IT engineer at Nokia and Microsoft. In 2015 she founded and since then led the largest Coding school in Finland. Suvi is not just an engineer, she is a dedicated and cheerful teacher. Suvi trained over 30 teachers and enrolled them in his company. She and her teachers are constantly researching the approach and teaching coding for young children.

Finnish method

The learning method is light, fun, and relaxing, but it brings clear results after each lesson. Students and parents will experience a miniature Finnish education in these courses. After finishing each course (except for the 5th course), students will receive a certificate from Coding School in Finland, adding to your collection of meaningful extracurricular activities.

Anyone can Code

This is a course for all young people, simply learning a new skill. This is not a course to train top IT talents, nor does it require young people with an IT background, a passion for IT or a clear orientation in the future IT careers. All students have an equal chance to join in and equip themselves with a new skill.

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