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Today, students planning to study abroad in the US (and many other countries) can completely choose a University / Master associate program in Vietnam. Students studying year 1 + 2 in Vietnam, from year 3 onwards, you can transfer abroad, or have some programs taught 100% in Vietnam. A list of affiliate programs recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training can be found on the Diploma Accreditation Center website:

In the model of studying abroad through study abroad consulting companies, the company studying abroad in Vietnam is the partner of the foreign school. In the association or transfer model, the university in Vietnam is the partner of the foreign school. Both are partners of foreign schools, but the Company studying abroad and the University have completely different operating forms, have different development dynamics as well as are affected by different legal environments. In fact, a foreign school can have both enrollment systems: through an overseas study company and through a university. The RAB is a neutralized form of these two. RAB is the “host” of a number of American School Representatives in Vietnam, who are knowledgeable about affiliate programs, credit transfer processes, diplomas and can then offer extremely useful advice to students. , helping to save the cost of studying abroad, creating confidence and peace of mind for parents.

If your child is in need of an affiliate program in the US from the beginning or is attending University / College and wants to transfer to the US, please contact us for specific advice. real. If you want to study an MBA / Master program for semi-overseas study, please contact us. All counseling on choosing schools and transition plans is free of charge, consulted directly by American School Representatives.


In addition, students who have entered the transfer / association program are considered by the school in Vietnam in advance of plan B. If you cannot go abroad (due to visa, finance, English …) You can return to the regular program in the country or complete the US program 100% online. In fact, affiliate / transfer program students are usually able to apply for a US visa well, because at the time of transfer, you already have maturity, good English and good communication skills, background Strong academic, thereby being able to clearly show your goals and needs to study in the visa application process.





  • -Students in grade 12
  • -University and College students
  • -Potential MBA student


Depending on the school and program. Can refer to:

  • -University: 20,000 – 27,000 USD / year
  • -MBA: 20,000 USD / Year
  • -Living expenses: 10,000 – 19,000 USD / year


Quarterly / Quarter:

  • -Summer (July)
  • -Autumn (October)
  • -East (January)
  • -Spring (April)

Complete the application 3 months in advance.

Major industries



Bachelor of Arts in Management

Bachelor of Management (many majors)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (many majors)

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing

Bachelor of Applied Informatics (many majors)

Many Other Industries


Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (many majors)

Master of Science in Computer Science

Master in Computer Science

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in TESOL

Master in TESOL Specialized Education

Many Other Industries

General transition rule


  • University students: can convert up to 135 credits out of 180 credits – quarter credits (equivalent to 75% of the program at a Vietnam University recognized by the Ministry of Education of Vietnam; or 3 years learn). Students complete the remaining academic year (year of specialized study) with partner schools in the US.


  • Master’s students: can transfer from 25% to 50% of credits from a Vietnamese University / Institute of Universities / Graduate Schools recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education). Students complete the remaining 50% to 70% of credits with a partner school in the US.


Mode of study: to America to study

After studying in Vietnam, students complete the remaining program with their American partners by going to the US (onsite study with F1 visa – visa for international students). This method has many advantages. Students have valuable experience in making their application, meeting the strict requirements of the school they are applying for, of the consulate … this is not an easy process, when students complete their own. into this process, it was a very wonderful experience. Students at least 1 year at a foreign school, fully experience the services that the foreign school offers. For example, the choice of subjects will be abundant, extra-curricular activities with international students will be more … Having a student visa and studying abroad for 1 year of study (for the US) will allow you to have enough. eligibility for job hunting / internship visa programs. This is also a very good opportunity to exchange English, culture, connect with friends, build relationships … as the foundation for your work in the future. Leaders of American schools often have the opinion that if you get an American degree, you should also have practical experience in America

Study mode: Online

Due to a number of conditions (for example: concerns about the current epidemic – Covid 19, problems with visa, finance …), students cannot go to the US to complete the program. Students can fulfill their dreams of conquering an American degree by completing the rest of the program entirely online. Many American Schools soon had online learning forms, invested millions of dollars in their online learning systems, which were the most professional and quality in the world. Online tuition is always cheaper than school fees (about 20%). During the Covid season, some schools offer a special offer to partner students from Vietnam: for example, an additional 20% discount on online tuition fees. This is a very suitable form of study for students who want to get 2 university degrees. You can completely start studying online in year 4 or even after graduating in Vietnam. Only 1 – 1.5 years to get an American University degree – formal and clearly accredited (because a lot of credits can be transferred from Vietnam program to American program).

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