25.12.2020 Program

Programming as a hobby

RAB dịch từ bài của Suvi Syrjäläinen. Blog của Trường Kodarit – Đối tác trực tiếp…

21.12.2020 Program

Finnish coding courses are now available in Indonesia and Vietnam

Khóa học lập trình cho bạn trẻ – do chuyên gia của Trường Kodarit Phần…

18.12.2020 Study abroad

Finnish Higher Education: “Leaving no one behind”

Một báo cáo mới, được xuất bản bởi Trung tâm Đánh giá Giáo dục Phần…

Courses & Study Abroad

Camps & Courses

Fully Customizable

  • Objects

    Students from 8-16 years old, parents want to learn about study destinations for their children

  • format

    Travel to Northern Europe from 8-12 days. There are 12 different modules for parents to choose from. Camps main theme: Nature Exploration, Environment Protection, Global Citizen

  • € 2,500 - 3,500

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Discounted Tuition

  • Objects

    Students in grades 11 & 12, University and College students

  • format

    Study 10-12 subjects in Vietnam continuously for 3 consecutive months, Online format. Then move on to Europe. Light English entry requirements. No need to take the University Admissions exam of a foreign country

  • € 2,750

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  • Objects

    Students from 8-18 years old, know basic English

  • format

    Learning completely online at home (parents do not need to bring their children to school), 2 sessions per week x 1 hour, 5 levels of learning, taught completely by Nordic teachers. Received a certificate from the largest Coding school in Finland.

  • VND 9,750,000

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American Cultural & Educational Experience

  • Objects

    Students of Universities and Colleges in Vietnam, wanting to learn about transition opportunities to the US, American educational environment, study English & American culture

  • format

    Going to America for 3 weeks

  • $ 2,000

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  • Objects

    Students in grades 11 and 12 are looking for opportunities to study in the US (part: 2 + 2, 3 + 1). University and College students who are looking to transfer / convert credits to the US

  • format

    Study at a reputable University / College of Vietnam for 2-3 years, then transfer to the US under the official agreement of the affiliate program

  • Save 75% on the cost of studying abroad

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  • Objects

    Employees, enterprises, who want to continuously improve their qualifications, get international certificates, pass accreditation, and can completely transition into a master's program in the US, at any time.

  • format

    Study completely Online in Vietnam, both study and work

  • Depending on the program

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  • format

  • Objects

  • format

  • Objects

  • format

RAB Products & Services



RAB Academy is an Education Partner specializing in providing innovative international educational products to learners in Vietnam, including: students, students, experts. RAB believes that there are many learning opportunities with a variety of learning methods that Vietnamese can explore, helping their lives and careers. Unlike many study abroad service companies, which often focus on providing international students to overseas schools, RAB focuses on bringing quality international programs into Vietnam.


RAB Academy provides international partners with insights and insight into Vietnam's education market: RAB's goal is Right At the Beginning: do it right from the start. No wasted effort and time. RAB Academy is currently consulting for many Education partners in the US, UK and Northern Europe when entering the Vietnamese market. RAB Academy is sponsored by a number of entrepreneurs and educational professionals from the United States, Northern Europe, and Southeast Asia.


Suvi Syrjäläinen

Principal Teacher

Coding Program

Master, IT Engineer, 21 years working in software industry, 16 years working as an IT engineer at Nokia and Microsoft, Founder and manager of the largest Coding school in Finland from 2015 to present

Isoviita Antti Antero

Program Director

European Camps Program

40 years of teaching experience in Marketing & Business Strategy Consulting. Author of over 60 books on Marketing. 17 years as the Director of International Business Programs of Universities in Finland

Peter Vesterbacka

Professor (typical)

European Fast Track Program

Entrepreneur, Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds, Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at Tongji University

Markus Vanharanta

Professor (typical)

European Fast Track Program

PhD in Marketing, Program Director at University College Dublin

Student reviews


"I don't want to follow other people's study abroad paths. Going to big countries can be fun, but not as fun as in Finland."

Vian - Student Macau

University Foundation Program

"Studying in Finland is very flexible and practical. Traveling around Europe is easy"

Kimberly - Student Philippines

Fast Track program

"Coding Teacher (Suvi) is too fun, too perfect"

A group of young Chinese students

Coding program

"Best of all: New friends, Silver forests, standard education system, too good qualified teachers"

Chinese practitioners

Nordic Camps Program

Direct admission to European University

EURO 2750

  • Admission


  • Object

    Grade 12 students
    Students graduated from high school
    English equivalent of IELTS 5.0

  • Form

    Study in Vietnam for 3 months, transfer directly to Europe when completing the course

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